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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Greenleaf office?
A: Our office is located at 1131 Delaware Avenue Buffalo NY 14209.

Q: What are the office hours?
We are open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5pm and Closed on Saturdays.

Q: When is my rent due?
A: Rent payments are due on the first of every month. If your payment arrives to our office after the close of business on the 5th there will be a 5% or $50 whatever one is less. It does not matter if any of the days between the 1st and the 5th are a weekend day or a holiday.There are no exceptions to this policy. Please keep this policy in mind if you are mailing your payment to our office as late fees are calculated based on the day we receive payment, not the date of the postmark.

Q: How can I pay my rent?
A: Rent can be paid in person at our office by check or money order are preferred. Rent can also be paid online on the tenant portal with a bank account (Credit, debit, and prepaid cards are not accepted for online payment). We do not accept credit cards for payment in our office. Checks and money orders can also be put in the mail slot located at the rear door of our office at 1131 Delaware Ave Buffalo NY 14209. (Non-Cash payments can also be mailed to this address)

Q: When do I pay my water & trash fee?
Your quarterly water & trash fee is due with your rent on the 1st of every January, April, July and October.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Cats are accepted with an additional $200 to your pet fee. This $200 cat deposit is non-refundable Dogs are not allowed at any property.

Q: Can I pet-sit a dog at my apartment?
A: Unfortunately no, non-service dogs are not allowed at any of our properties under any circumstances. Service dogs are allowed with proper validated credentials.
Q: How do I submit a work order?
A: Work orders can either be submitted by telephone, on the tenant portal, or in person at our office. (business hours-716-885-8538 or after hours emergency line 716-609-1686)

Q: What time do you do showings?
A leasing agent will show an apartment from 10am – 5pm. All showings are done by appointment. Appointments should be made by calling the Greenleaf office.

Q: What kind of background checks do you run on applicants?
A credit and background check is ran as part of the application process. There is a $20.00 non-refundable application fee.

Q: What is needed for approval?
In order to go through the approval process, you need to:

  1. Fill out an application online: Forms menu -> online application
  2. Pay $20.00 application fee at the office (Cash or Money order accepted)
  3. Provide contact info of employer and landlord
  4. Provide 4 weeks of current and consecutive pay stubs or proof of income
  5. Three current and consecutive paystubs

Q: How long is the lease?
All leases signed with Greenleaf are for a 12 month period. We do not sign month to month leases or 6 month leases.

Q: How long does it take to get approved?
Approvals can take up to a week. Under certain circumstances it may take longer.

Q: What time can I sign my lease?
Leases can be signed at our office located at 1131 Delaware Avenue Buffalo NY 14209 between the hours of 9:30am – 4pm. Lease renewals can be signed during any business hour.

Q: When and where can I pick up my keys?
Keys can be picked up at our office Monday through Friday between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. Keys are only issued if the full move in amount is paid before or at time of key pick up.

Q: Can I break my lease?
Yes a lease can be broken. In the event the Tenant terminates the lease before the anniversary date, the Tenant agrees to continue paying rent until the unit is leased to a new tenant or the lease expires on the anniversary date, whichever comes first. The Tenant also agrees to pay a five hundred dollar ($500) re-rental fee for the Landlord’s assistance in renting the unit prior to lease expiration.

Q: Do I have to get renters insurance?
No, but personal belongings are not covered by the landlord. It is recommended that our tenants purchase it to protect their personal belongings in case of an unfortunate event.